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What is the advantage of renting vs. buying?

  • Rentals are a tax write-off.
  • There is no risk in renting, return it at any time.
  • Traffic regulations change frequently and rental products are always up to date.
  • Never get stuck with obsolete signs.
  • Rentals are a great way to test products before you buy them.
  • Zero storage & warehousing costs when you rent, simply return them once your job is complete.

When does my rental period begin?

Your rental date begins the day you receive your products (based on the shippers tracking # and delivered date). You are not charged rent on products which are in-transit.

When does my rental period end?

You can choose to keep the products as long as you want. You can also return the products at any time. When you’re ready to return the products simply contact HI SIGNS / 310-SIGN and inform us of your intention to end your rental agreement. Once you provide us with a tracking number for the items being returned we’ll immediately stop your rental agreement based on the date the items were picked-up by the freight company. You are not charged rent on products which are in-transit.

Can I return rentals earlier than I expected?

Yes! If you’ve pre-paid, we can provide a refund for any days you didn’t require the products.

Can I keep rentals longer than I initially expected?

Yes! You can rent the products as long as you want. We can easily update your invoice if you choose to extend your rental and we will provide monthly statements.

Can I return half my items if I no longer need them?

Yes! You can return anything you no longer need and continue to rent any products you want to keep.

How do I return rental products?

Products can be shipped to HI SIGNS 9570 58 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 0B6. Return freight costs are the responsibility the renter.