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Digital Message Boards

One such piece of equipment that is commonly used is the message board. Message boards like the WANCO Full Matrix Message Director are large boards with amber LEDs which are able to display a variety of text and graphics. These are great in getting information to the public. A good example would be how this helps provide motorists with immediate updates about upcoming detours and road closures ahead. There is nothing worse than finding out your route home has been detoured and you will now be stuck in traffic for hours. It is so much better to know about detours early in your commute so that you may adjust accordingly. It is important to keep an eye out for these types of message boards when driving so that you can stay updated to conditions ahead.

Automated Flaggers (AFAD's)

Another piece of equipment you may see out on the road is the Automated Flagger. Equipment such as the Wanco RoboFlagger AFAD eliminates the need for the “traditional” flagger to be on the road which minimizes liability and exposure for workers on the road improving roadside safety.

25-Lamp Arrow Boards

Solar Traffic Directors such as the WANCO Weco Arrowboards are much simpler boards used to direct traffic. With high output amber LEDs these boards can be programed with basic direction patterns such as right arrow, left arrow, and caution bars. These types of boards are usually used when directing lane changes & keeping the traffic congestion to a minimum with highly visible directional instructions. These help to save time and confusion during the spring and summer months when traffic can be heavy and driver’s patience can be short.

Speed Radar Trailers

Outdoor activities are high during the spring and summer months. Many more children, and adults are out playing sports, walking animals and touring the city. It is especially important that drivers take extra caution with their speed in specific areas of the city.

Radar Speed Signs are commonly used in high incident areas such as school zones and construction areas. This portable sign is equipped with a regulatory speed sign and a radar-triggered display will show the driver’s speed in bright white LEDs with the objective to slow drivers down.

Light Towers

Sometimes road construction crews work late into the night, not the most ideal conditions for visibility and road safety. Light Towers help provide much needed illumination in low light and dark road side activity and construction sites helping to reduce injury due to low visibility.

There are many types of portable equipment that companies can use to help with traffic control during the construction season. Regardless of the type equipment, it’s important as a motorist to take notice of these different traffic controls and abide by the directions given. This will help to ensure everyone out on the road driving and working make it home safe. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?