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Tourism Parks & Trails Wayfinding

Parks & trails wayfinding signs help visitors find their way through attractions, making their experience more enjoyable. Well placed signage can create sharable ‘instagramable’ moments, creating a more memorable and sticky experience, which gets shared across social media networks. Signs help to create a sense of place and identity. Hi Signs created the wayfinding program for the Golden Skybridge, Canada’s highest suspension bridges.

Our signage was designed to be changeable and scaleable to grow as the tourism attraction expands their development. Signs can encourage visitors to act in environmentally responsible ways, helping to protect the natural environment, and also create visual cues such as pinpoint locations for photo opportunities. Ultimately the signage should add to the placemaking, not detract from it. We used sustainable, long lasting materials in the creation of Golden Skybridge’s wayfinding.



Map the park using GPS tracking to identify decision points, then creating meaningful wayfinding, including, but not limited to, warning and hazard signs, directional signage, and social media worthy photo opportunities.

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Hi Signs is a Canadian architectural signage and wayfinding fabricator, dedicated to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for our clients such as tourism signage. With 50 years of experience in the industry, our team of designers and project managers have a thorough understanding of how to effectively guide people through complex environments, delivering turn-key solutions.