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Pedway Wayfinding Signage

Pedway Wayfinding Signage serves as a crucial navigational tool in a network of pedestrian pathways that connect various downtown city properties. This integrated system allows residents and visitors to traverse the city’s core areas in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment, free from the external weather conditions. By using these signs, pedestrians can easily find their way through a complex maze of pedestrian bridges and tunnels, efficiently connecting them to multiple destinations such as offices, shops, and entertainment venues.

The primary benefit of this system is the significant reduction of pedestrian traffic at street level. This alleviation of sidewalk congestion facilitates smoother traffic flow, enhancing overall city mobility and safety. Maintaining an extensive Pedway Wayfinding Signage program poses significant challenges, particularly in keeping the signage current and reliable amidst constantly evolving urban landscapes. Hi Signs has tackled these issues head-on by implementing a robust update and maintenance protocol, leveraging GIS Mapping Software. We regularly refresh maps, icons, property names, and points of interest to ensure they accurately reflect the latest developments and layouts. This process involves a collaborative effort with city planners and property managers to gather the most current data, which is then meticulously integrated into our signage system. Additionally, our maintenance teams are deployed to conduct periodic inspections and repairs, ensuring that each sign is in optimal condition and placed correctly for maximum visibility and utility. Through these diligent efforts, we have successfully managed to keep our signage program not only functional but also highly efficient and user-friendly, enhancing the overall pedestrian navigation experience in the city.



The creation of maps, redesigning shop drawings for improved durability, and custom fabrication. Hi Signs performed the original installation, as well as a system-wide retrofit in 2020-2021, re-using existing structures/cabinets and populated new inserts. Our project management team coordinated all aspects of installation, including but not limited to permitting, electrical services, engineering and more.

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