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Pedestrian Wayfinding Signs

Pedestrian wayfinding signs are a system of signage and markers which help pedestrians navigate on foot through a densely populated urban area. This system is designed to guide visitors and residents alike to prominent destinations, whether it be a specific building, public space, or landmark. The City of Edmonton’s pedestrian wayfinding program provides wayfinding maps within a 5-minute walking distance. Wayfinding signage was placed at strategically selected locations to provide guidance at the highest foot traffic locations.

The downtown pedestrian wayfinding includes street signs, directional signs, static map kiosks, ETS beacons and other forms of signage that indicate the location of key features and amenities within the geographic area. The wayfinding system incorporates elements such as colour-coded directional arrows, symbols, and landmarks to make it easier for people to orient themselves and find their way.

The goal of pedestrian wayfinding is to improve the overall experience of navigating the city on foot, making it easier and more intuitive for people to get where they need to go. Ultimately, this helps to support the vitality of the downtown area, promoting economic growth and encouraging people to explore and engage with the community. Hi Signs provided valuable design insights to prevent vandalism in redeveloping areas, as well as superior fabrication quality in comparison to other providers. Our manufacturing processes are superior, such as concealed hardware aesthetics (anti-theft), and the highest quality paint system for outdoor longevity.



The creation of cartography maps, redesigning shop drawings for improved durability, and custom fabrication. Our project management team coordinated all aspects of installation, including but not limited sign permitting, underground electrical services, utility line locates, foundations and more.

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Hi Signs is a Canadian architectural signage and wayfinding fabricator, dedicated to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for our clients such as pedestrian wayfinding signs. With 50 years of experience in the industry, our team of designers and project managers have a thorough understanding of how to effectively guide people through complex environments, delivering turn-key solutions.