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Airport Wayfinding Signage

Airport wayfinding signage is indispensable at Edmonton International Airport, serving as a vital tool for guiding passengers through the complex layout of terminals, gates, and services. This signage ensures that travelers, regardless of their familiarity with the airport, can navigate the space with ease, contributing to a seamless travel experience. It is particularly important for an airport like Edmonton’s, which acts as a major hub for Northern Alberta and accommodates a diverse array of international and domestic passengers.

In response to the scheduled maintenance of the terminal arrivals and departures structure, Hi Signs demonstrated remarkable efficiency and adaptability. The company was tasked with the swift and meticulous replacement of all overhead and directional signage, a critical component for maintaining the flow of airport operations. To minimize disruption and navigate the challenges of working in a high-traffic environment, Hi Signs strategically scheduled the execution of their work during early morning hours, capitalizing on periods with the lowest vehicular activity. This careful planning and execution ensured that the essential wayfinding system remained functional and effective, thereby upholding the airport’s commitment to passenger convenience and safety.



Design, fabricate and install a unified visual wayfinding system across multiple airport overhead structures. Overall solution provided traffic plan accommodations, and ease of maintenance for future content changes.

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Hi Signs is a Canadian architectural signage and wayfinding fabricator, dedicated to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for our clients such as airport wayfinding signage. With 50 years of experience in the industry, our team of designers and project managers have a thorough understanding of how to effectively guide people through complex environments, delivering turn-key solutions.