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We believe that great signage and wayfinding design is about more than just creating signs. It’s about creating memorable experiences for those who use the space. Our goal is to make your building, campus, or city easier to navigate, while also enhancing the overall visual appeal.

As such, we offer a comprehensive list of signage solutions:

Design Deliverables.

All great projects start with a plan. We offer consultation and design services as a deliverable. Whether you require presentation materials or shop drawings, we can help with design.

> Wayfinding Strategy

The creation of a wayfinding strategy includes research and development, development of sign designs, creating colour-coded pathways, and a plan of how people will move through the space. Our goal is to help you create a guide for users using an intuitive system.

> Signage Program

The creation of a signage program involves pinpointing exact locations, developing a design scheme, choosing appropriate materials and technologies, planning for fabrication methods, and budgetary planning for execution.

> Sign Family Design

Designing a sign family includes development of common design elements, such as Pantone colours, distinctive shapes, and/or effective use of symbols. Sign families offer uniform communication and navigation using legible typography, universal pictograms and more.

> Comprehensive Sign Design Plan

A CSDP is a detailed blueprint outlining specifications, bylaw and property requirements, and design guidelines for a specific building, area, or development. CSDP’s offer strict architectural controls to uphold the integrity of the surroundings.

> Feasibility Study

Evaluation of construction methods, material suitability, engineering, installation methods and/or by-law reviews can make or break your project. A feasibility study ensures professional oversight has been done at the beginning of the project to eliminate risks in the inception stage. This step often saves both time and money.


Built into the structure of a building or engineered to be freestanding, structural signage is an important aspect of architectural design, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes.

> Freestanding Pylon Signs

Freestanding single pole pylon, double pole pylon, servicing as a commercial landmark often including a tenant directory.

> Monument Signs

Typically made of stone, concrete or metal serving as a landmark at the entrance of a property, reflecting the identity of the community or organization.

> Entrance Features

Typically an art installation made of stone, concrete or metal creating a sense of arrival, reflecting the identity of a community or building.

> Skyline Signs

A large, illuminated sign mounted on the roof of a building or parapet structure and visible from a distance, often several kilometers away.

> Digital Signage

Electronic Message Centers (EMC’s) are a modern and dynamic form of communication to show information and advertisements.

Illuminated Signs.

Manufactured to CSA standards and lit using LED lighting, illuminated signage is used to increase visibility and attract attention, particularly at night or low-light conditions.

> Channel Letters

LED lighting available in back-lit, face-lit or halo-lit. Channel letters can be constructed using trim cap or let-r-edge fabrication methods.

> Cabinet Signs

Simple and economical box-like structure with illuminated sign face, designed to be visible from a distance.

> Flex Face Signs

Low maintenance, made of flexible material and stretched over a frame creating a bright and eye-catching display.

> Retail Spaces

An essential component of a business’s marketing strategy, helping to increase visibility and drive sales.

Exterior Wayfinding.

A combination of directional signs, maps, landmarks, and other visual cues which help people identify their location, determine their desired destination, and navigate the most direct route.

> Monoliths / Miniliths

Typically a double-sided freestanding sign, erected in a prominent location to provide directions or information.

> Building Identification

Placed on the exterior of a building, providing information about the name, address, or purpose of the building.

> Site Map Signs

A visual representation used as a navigation aid, helping motorists or pedestrians orient themselves.

> Interpretive Signs

Used to engage visitors and enhance their experience by providing context and a deeper understanding of the natural or cultural environment.

> Finger Post Signs

Directional signs that use a post or pole with a number of arms or fingers pointing in different directions.

Interior Wayfinding.

A system of signs helping people navigate interior spaces of a building or facility. Signs might include maps, floor plans, colour-coding, and other visual cues to help people find their way.

> Directory Signs

Provides directions or guidance in public spaces such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals, office towers and universities.

> Maps

Visual aids which create a user-friendly and accessible environment for people to navigate their surroundings.

> ADA Compliant

Featuring specific text and symbols, such as braille, high-contrast lettering, and tactile elements, to aid individuals with disabilities.

> Architectural Signage

Meeting aesthetics of the building architecture, strategically placed to enhance the user experience, functionality and accessibility.

> Modular Sign Systems

Cost-effective standardized signage utilizing interchangeable modules, allowing for flexibility in design and easily updated.

Specialty Signage.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, you can commission us to bring your bespoke signage to life. Although it’s not our core business, we have the skills to bring your ideas to life.

> Neon Signage

Gas-filled glass tubes used to create vibrant glowing, illuminated signage for businesses and creative public spaces.

> Sandblasted Cedar Signs

Wooden signs, treated with sandblasting and CNC carving to create a distinct textured appearance.

> Menu Boards

Customized to match the theme or brand of the establishment, enticing customers, showcasing food and beverage options.


Specializing in traffic, safety and rentals, our TSR Division stocks thousands of regulatory signs and traffic safety products available for rent or purchase.

> Traffic Signs

Universally recognized safety information for drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. Made of reflective materials.

> Safety Warning Signs

Designed to warn people of potential danger and prevent accidents, injuries, or even fatalities.

> Sign Posts & Hardware

Complete mounting hardware from breakaway posts, telespar, u-channel, and sign brackets.

> Parking Lot Signage

Identify bylaws, visitor parking, barrier-free accessibility, directional signage, and regulatory obligations.

> Speed Radar Signs

Driver feedback signs digitally display motorists speed, and flash when speed limits are exceeded to help reduce speeding.

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