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What sets us apart?
Our People.

Investing in training & education

We are custom sign fabricators. Hi Signs offers education to continuously improve. Over 10% of Hi Signs workforce has achieved the Project Management Professional Designation (PMP), the industry leading project delivery methodology. Our people have also completed courses in Leadership, Wayfinding Design & Typography, Operations Management, Quality Control, Lean Six Sigma, Solar Power Installation, and a wide range of safety certifications such as Fall Arrest and Aerial Platform.

Design, technology and technique

We’re at the crossroads of deep rooted design experience and cutting edge design technology. Hi Signs exceeds industry standards in structural & industrial design and 3D rendering. From parametric design to CAD drawings, Hi Signs has an incredible talent pool under one roof. Our team of creatives work hand-in-hand with fabrication specialists to push the limits of our equipment and technology. Hi Signs recently added new capabilities in Textured 3D Printing, CNC, Flatbed Printing and Flatbed Cutting. Our skills continue to evolve, along with our creative designs.

Our vibe attracts our tribe

Hi Signs has an open and honest communication culture. We’ve developed a company culture which fosters teamwork and collaboration. Our newly open concept office helps attract creative minds, and high achievers. It’s hard to explain the positive vibe created by a group of like-minded individuals working as a team, but you can feel energy when you walk through the door.

Diversity and inclusion culture

We value diversity. Diversity of thought, safety and inclusivity. This includes differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and physical ability. One thing in common is our trust and respect for one another. Hi Signs diversity and inclusion culture is one that recognizes the benefits of having a diverse workforce, including increased innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills. We provide equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of our differences.

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Our passion for custom sign fabrication has brought together an amazing group of highly educated and highly experienced people under one roof. We’re a team of go-getters, movers and shakers.


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We’re a team of custom sign creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help organizations navigate the complexities of architectural signage and wayfinding implementation. We’d love to hear about your next project.